The Hexagon


The Hexagon

The Hexagon Technical Info

Loading bay for one 45' Artic.
Load in through scene dock stage left

Stage entrance:
1.88m wide.
2.56m high
3.15m on the diagonal

Stage Dimensions
Depth of Stage - 10.06m
Back Wall Width - 11.22m
Front Edge (normal Prosc opening) - 11.96m
Total Width - 21.11m

Height from Stage to underside of RSJ
Downstage of Hemp bar 1 10m.
Upstage of Hemp bar 1 11.71m
19 Hemp bars sets, 5 Motorised bars & 4 dedicated LX bars.
For Flying heights of bars see section.

Height from auditorium floor
Stage up 0.952m
Stage down (Get in height) 0.66m

Orchestra pit (available as Pit, Auditorium floor or Thrust)
Width 3.5m
Length 11.96m
Depth to Auditorium 1.56m
Depth to Stage (up) 2.51m
Chairs 120 max

Music Stands (lit) 25 max
Music Stands (unlit) 72 max
Steinway model D (tuned to A440hz)
Upright Piano

Dressing Rooms
9 Dressing rooms plus Chorus and Band room and/or Wardrobe.
10 Backstage showers.
Laundry room with 2 Washing Machines & 2 Tumble / Spin dryers, with facilities to plumb in a Twin tub.

 Tab Stock
No.1 - Acts as House Border - 20.96m x 2.63m
No.2 - 20.83m x 2.63m
No.3 - 16.61m x 2.59m
No.4 - 15.14m x 2.59m
No.5 - 14.33m x 2.59m
No.6 - 9m x 2.59m
Half Border - 16m x 1.3m
Half Border - 14m x 1.3m

2 pairs of black legs - 2.81m x 7.51m
1 pair of black legs - 2.81m x 6.7m
1 pair of black legs - 2m x 7.01m

Tabs (note: all full tabs will not fly out of view)
1 Set of full Black tabs 8.1m x 8.26m
1 Set of full Black tabs 9.04m x 8.56m
1 Set of Red tabs 8.5m x 9.1m
1 Single black tab 13.25 x 8.1m
1 flat Black tab 4.87m x 12.2m

We have a selection of black masking flats in various widths in two heights: 5.49m & 6.7m

Rick Bull, Technical Manager
(0118) 9372001 - Contact Rick Bull

Sonya Manasse Stage Manager
(0118) 9372009 - Contact Sonya Manasse

Tim Liddle, Chief Electrician
(0118) 9372018 - Contact Tim Liddle